by Judy Gregerson

What if you could overcome repeating negative patterns and triggers in your life and all the negative thoughts that run around your head?

Well, through Christ you can. So don't cope. Overcome!

Christ came to set you free.

Many Christians spend their lives coping with their daily struggles rather than overcoming them in the power of Christ. They can't find freedom from problems like fear, anxiety, rejection, and discouragement because they've never been taught their identity and authority in Christ. Rather than overcome, they cope because they think it's normal to put up with these things and they don't believe these can be defeated. Many think it's their emotional makeup to constantly experience these emotions.

Unfortunately, Christianity has become watered down in the last fifty years and what was once common knowledge is now nearly lost to many Christians. In ministry, we've discovered that many Christian women (especially) suffer from a bad identity that is not based on scripture, rejection based on traumas of the past, and discouragement based on the inability to find total freedom.

Christ said he came to set the captives free. If that is true, then freedom is available to every believer. After many years of personal struggle and scouring the Bible, God revealed these six principles and showed me how to apply them in practical ways to my struggles.

STRATEGIES FOR OVERCOMERS teaches six principles in random order:

  • Learn to move mountains (big or small) with faith.
  • Understand and recognize the enemy and how he works.
  • Learn to hear God's voice in the many ways He speaks to you personally.
  • Develop an identity based on who Christ says we are, not on the old man.
  • Renew our minds and use that in our warfare.
  • Understand our authority in Christ.

This book will show you practical steps to becoming an overcomer who can break strongholds and tear down every thought that exalts itself against Christ. There is clear teaching, personal examples, and then simple directions for how to pray and overcome. If you put these principles into practice during your prayer and spiritual warfare time, God will set you free, and as Christ said, you will be free indeed. The Word of God is true. God cannot lie. He would not have told us that He would set us free unless He was able.

Join me on my journey to freedom.  

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